Journey of the Phyrgian Slave


With plunder in hand I journeyed to Rome
Escaped from my master Philemon’s home.
A thousand plus miles from Colossae
I found that I was not truly free.

The wages of sin was my condition
Traveling the worn path to perdition.
Jailed because I stole from my master
My life should have ended in disaster

But God freed me from captivity.
And wrote my redemption story.
In prison is where I met old man Paul
Who spoke of the One who was his all.

He shared that Christ hung on a tree
To shed His blood and die for me.
For freedom comes from none but Jesus
To benefit a slave named Onesimus.

Sent home with a message of forgiveness,
I returned with one named Tychicus,
With letter in hand inspired by the Master
Written by Paul unto my master.

“Brother,” Paul wrote, “to you this slave belonged.
And against you he has clearly wronged.
Do not demand rigorous rehabilitation
But extend forgiveness and reconciliation.”

“Consider this God’s plan for our beloved brother
That you will enjoy a new relationship with one another;
No longer a master and a slave
But brothers united by the One who forgave.”

I sing now with joy of how it came to be
Of the freedom I found only in He
Paul led me to Christ and to repent
And save me from eternal torment.

Written by The Servant Lawyer (alias) © 2013

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